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Video registra cómo un hombre golpea a puntapiés a su hijo en hospital de Quito. Avistamiento de meteorito enciende las redes sociales en Venezuela. Socorristas evitaron que un hombre se lance de un puente en Quito. Suiza y Reino Unido firman un acuerdo comercial post-Brexit. El Grammy se viste de mujer y premia el rap y el country. Rohani proclama que el 'complot' de EE.

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Grupos de motociclistas marcharon en Guayaquil para pedir que no se les estigmatice. Another Texas land investor, Stratford Land Co. To sell, Stratford looks to double the money it spent on the land. Last year, Paulson for the first time since then sold tracts in a few markets, though it intends to also keep buying and holding land in markets where it thinks prices still have room to rise. But the land market lost momentum late last year as home buyers began to balk at rising prices and higher interest rates.

A look at the sequential, quarter-to-quarter change in land prices underscores the cooling of the market. On a year-over-year basis, the latest TransUnion report showed that total debt fell 0. When both delinquencies and debt go down, we anticipate consumers may find more opportunities to gain access to better credit offers as competition for their business increases. The commission report on Tuesday forecast growth in the broader EU—buoyed by strong momentum in the U. Eurostat on Monday said inflation in the euro area is running at 0.

Hitting that target will require significant new cuts, as the budget deficit is forecast to hit 6. The State Administration of Foreign Exchange, an agency under the central bank, did not acknowledge its role in guiding the currency. There is no need to over-interpret it. It has also helped China to hold down inflation, and boost consumption, which is a key requirement in its own internal rebalancing. Overall, it is one of the things that has clearly gone right in the global economy in recent times.

This would include more scope for the exchange rate to be determined by the market, to which end Beijing has said that it will increase the width of the daily fluctuation band from the present plus or minus 1 per cent to plus or minus 2 per cent as soon as possible. Until the recent reversal, the spot rate had been hugging the bottom end ie, the strong end of the band, and some investors had become convinced that long renminbi represented a safe, low volume trade. Increasing the width of the band could have caused more inflows and a more rapid strengthening in the real exchange rate.

To avoid the perception that this is a one-way trade, the Chinese central bank may have decided to mount a sharp but temporary squeeze on the carry traders.

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A slightly less benign interpretation is that the PBOC has decided to call a halt to the trend appreciation in the real exchange rate for the time being. This is what the bank did when it was using all available instruments to boost gross domestic product growth in , the only prolonged period of stability in the nominal exchange rate since The reason that this interpretation seems possible is that there has been a clear shift in interest rate policy since the start of this year, with interbank rates being guided much lower than in the second half of If the authorities have decided to take their foot off the monetary brakes for the time being, because the deflating of the credit bubble is damaging GDP growth and financial stability, it would make sense to allow the exchange rate to fall, alongside domestic interest rates.

But this would suggest that the authorities have blinked in the face of the January bailout of a high-profile trust product marketed by ICBC. It would also indicate that the process of deleveraging in the shadow banking sector is not going according to plan. Concerns from the rating agencies that China is encouraging yet more moral hazard in the financial system, making the eventual exit from the bubble even more difficult, would then look valid. Growth in Chinese company debt has been unprecedented.

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A Thomson Reuters analysis of listed medium and large non-financial firms showed total debt soared by more than percent, from 1. Of course, there is also this: On Wednesday, I am releasing what a simpler, fairer tax code actually looks like.

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The White House said Mr. Rubenstein, often viewed by private-equity watchers as an authority on national politics since his firm is based in Washington, said various factors would likely prevent any measures affecting buyout firms from taking hold any time soon. Rubenstein said of Mr. Morgan Dims Its Outlook for Another shift outlined Tuesday was a reduction in J.

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If any new ones are built, the branches would be smaller and staffed by fewer employees, two tellers per new branch, as compared with four previously. Executives attributed the pullback to customer behavior as people turn to mobile and other digital means for their banking needs. Digital logins in J. Morgan had previously said it planned to cut branch staff by 3, to 4, by the end of But in , J.

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Morgan cut 5, jobs at branches, and this year the bank said it planned to cut 2, more jobs. A divide remains along incomes. The pattern holds for reducing consumer debt and maintaining an emergency fund. The severe winter across much of the U. This spring, traders will focus their wagers on whether the demand will fall enough to allow inventories to be replenished by next winter. Industrial Bank, a midsize lender, said on Monday in a filing to the Shanghai Stock Exchange that it had halted some types of property loans until the end of March, when it will unveil new policies.

Banks have periodically tightened lending to developers; the last time was in when the government worried that easy credit was helping drive up prices.

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Worries about a slowing economy led to a loosening in early Now banks are growing cautious about lending to developers, especially those active in smaller cities that face an oversupply of housing, and Beijing is concerned about a buildup of debt and unoccupied housing. In Changzhou, the developers of a tower project announced discounts last week. Prices were reduced to an average of 7, yuan per square meter, with some units selling for 5, yuan per square meter, down from an 11,yuan price tag in December, according to data from property broker SouFun Holdings.

It kept the exchange rate steady for two years after the financial crisis. And in , the yuan was allowed to sink about 1. Since then, it has risen more or less steadily.

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